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Evan Medd

First Guide

My name is Evan Medd, I am 31 years old was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. I'm fortunate enough to have the Bow River running through my back yard, so I fish the Bow about 100 days out of the year when I'm not exploring our Northern or Southern waters. I spent the summer of 2016 guiding at North Haven Lodge in Northern Manitoba looking for big toothy pike and walleye. A couple of my favourite fish to target from the trout species would be the brown trout and the bull trout. When the weather isn't the best I spend a lot of time tying flies. I'm lucky enough that my girlfriend enjoys fishing just as much as I do and getting to hit the water with her is always a treat. I love spending the days working the small waters hunting the undercut banks looking for rising snouts, or being in the mountains chucking meat in search of the creature that lurks in the depths.  


My favourite food is pizza.

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